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Our school


Centre cultural is a family school founded in 1967.

The purpose of the school was to give Balaguer and its local area the possibility to learn other languages and open new cultural horizons.

Our experience and passion for teaching has been transmitted from parent to child. Nowadays, an excited third generation has arrived, providing new ideas and projects that make our centre a model school in teaching languages.

Our centre stands out for 3 main reasons:
- A qualified and experienced teaching staff.
- Teaching based on the communicative method and adapted to new technologies.
- Constant communication with our students, teachers and staff of the centre.

The good results we obtain year after year are recognition for a job well done. We like teaching and we like doing it well.

Our experience, preparation, reliability and quality are our best guarantee.

  • School

    Our school is open to students from all around the globe.
    We offer personalized and caring service.

    - 9 teaching classrooms

    - Computer room

    - Library and working area

    - Free access to Internet and WiFi

    - Playground

    - Offices

  • Our courses

    - Inglés

    - English

    - French

    - German

    - Italian

    - Russian

    - Catalan

    - Spanish

    - Computers

    - School review

Why should you study with us?

We offer:

- Quality and affordable classes

- School open all year

- We offer a wide range of courses adapted to different levels and ages.

- Level test

- Relaxed and friendly environment

- Course completion certificate /p>